This is it folks; Spooky Moon is completely spoiled.  Yer Ol’ pal Duke wouldn’t leave ya hangin’.  Let’s find some pearls in this muff.  Or is it diamonds in the rough? Whichever, on to the spoilers!




This may be just what Zombie Tribal needed to be Standard viable; evasion.  The secondary ability to make tokens is promising late game value, but giving all one’s creatures Menace makes swing wide strategies even more dangerous.  This is at least a 3 of in any Zombie deck in Standard.

Zombies still aren’t viable in Modern or Legacy, but Graf Harvest is a step towards respectability.  One could make an argument for this card in Modern or even Legacy Dredge, excluding manaless Dredge.  It seems unnecessary in Legacy since zombies token hordes are going to be swinging for lethal anyway.  Very few decks in Legacy have enough blockers to prevent death even without Menace.  Especially considering that a smart Dredge opponent would kill their own creature to exile the Bridge from Belows in the graveyard.

The main reason it probably won’t find a home in Dredge is that it lacks the Dredge mechanic or a prepackaged way to be cast out of the graveyard.  So it would therefore have to be drawn.  If a Dredge player is drawing cards, after the initial seven of course, either they’re doing something wrong or they’re in trouble.


This is no Tragic Slip.  But it is a reliable way to kill any two creatures in Standard.  If the opponent feels secure in victory with a Westvale Abbey and Emrakul, the Promised End they shouldn’t be if Ruthless Disposal becomes Standard sideboard tech.

This card was made to kill new Emrakul.  One would think the likely of it seeing play is directly proportional to the number of decks playing new Emrakul.  But Ruthless Disposal has a fatal flaw; an arrow to the knee.  It must be top decked after new Emrakul is in play.

When new Emrakul comes into play the caster then takes control of their opponent’s turn.  If they see Ruthless Disposal in hand they will cast it and target the opponent; just to get it out of their hand.  Ruthless Disposal doesn’t say two target creatures an opponent controls.   The 5 CMC doesn’t help, but this card fails because it cannot reliably answer the problem it was specifically created for.



Bust out the Rattlechains and Bygone Bishops out of your bulk binder, Spirits are about to a thing in Standard.  By my count there will be 33 Standard playable spirit cards when Spooky Moon drops. Most of which are from the Innistrad block, so they aren’t rotating any time soon.

There are a few outlier Spirits in Black or Green, but the vast majority and more importantly all the playable ones are Azorius colors.  An Azorius Spirit strategy straddles the line between control and aggro.  Focusing on cheap efficient creatures, most of whom have Flying and many have cast/ETB effects or combat tricks.  Mausoleum Wanderer has all of that and more.

For one lousy mana one gets a 1/1 flyer; not bad.  Then it gets buffed for every spirit one’s casts that turn.  Combine this with Rattlechains giving Flash to all spirit cards and one has a sweet combat trick.  But wait there’s more!!.. One can counter a spell by sacrificing it.  And if Rattlechains is online one cast counter virtually any spell as long as one has the mana to cast more spirits at instant speed and buff the Wanderer to the corresponding power.

But I’m not done.  A White Enchantment that will be discussed later in this article, lets equipment be cast at instant speed and automatically equipped.  So thats two “cheaty” instant speed ways in which to counter spells.

Are spirits ready for Modern or Legacy?  I’m not convinced that they as a tribe are. Mausoleum Wanderer certainly is ready.  I’m sure where it belongs, but someone is going to find a way to break with card in an eternal format.

This card is a perfect 5/7.  Preorder it now, before Martin Shkreli gets wise and buys it out.


A bolt proof free Scry engine on a body.  Most creatures or other cards with recurring Scry abilities require an action or some type investment on the controller’s part to trigger the Scry effect; sacrifice a creature…, when the creature attacks…, pay 1 Blue and a Colorless mana…, etc.  Geist of the Archives requires no such investment.  It’s mere presence is a “free” pre Draw Phase Scry, once per turn, every turn.  Geist personifies what a Blue creature should be; card advantage/filtering and tempo.

Legacy has access to the best cantrips ever printed.  Therefore it’s unlikely a 3 CMC creature will unseat a Preordain or Brainstorm in the 75 of any deck in the format.

Standard control decks need consistent card filtering that Geist can provide.  Blue tends to suffer in Standard due to the rarity of consistent and cost effective card advantage/filtering.  It certainly strength four toughness Geist can block most any creature featured in a low to ground creature aggro strategy.

Geist could certainly find a home in Modern control decks for the same reasons as Standard.  All the best cantrips are banned in Modern.  When Serum Visions is the best cantrip an eternal format can muster, it’s clear that Blue is thirsty. Modern aggro strategies, Goblins, Small Zoo, Burn, etc feature creature that Geist can safely block.

Geist isn’t receiving much attention at this point.  A pile of them can be pre ordered pocket change.  Geist could easily be a two dollar card.



Yet, another reason for Mono White Humans in Standard to splash Green.  Buffing the team whenever Hamlet Captain attacks or blocks is huge for a deck utilizing cheap, synergistic creatures in a swing-wide strategy.  In general, there’s a lot of value and play-ability in Spooky Moon’s Uncommons.  Hamlet Captain is also an all too rare playable O.G. Innistrad reprint.



Bedlam Reveler is the new king of…um… Pseudo Delve or Affinity for Graveyard Instants and Sorceries, Spell Mastery Lite.  This mechanic needs it’s own name.  In many ways it’s better than Delve.  Since Reveler doesn’t require one to exile the cards from the graveyard, drawing multiple Revelers is fine; they’re just as easy to cast as the first.

The two Red mana requirement does make Reveler a bit harder to splash for, especially in Standard since Fetch Lands are long gone.  But who cares?  Just make it work.

Reveler is a 3/4 with Prowess, possibly for just two red mana and draws 3 cards.  Who cares if one has to discard their hand.  Madness is still a thing in Standard and under the right circumstances Reveler is a straight up Ancestral Recall on a body.

UR control is still a thing in Standard as long as Pyromancer’s Googles is available. Reveler could certainly have a place in the 75.  Azorius control decks in Standard can make each Reflector Mage into an Ancestral Recall.  Reveler was also tailor made to be played along side Thing in the Ice since it’s a Horror.

Modern Burn wants Reveler; it needs Reveler.  Burn lacks mid to late game punch.  Running out of gas with the opponent holding cards and a superior board state is common complaint.  Since Treasure Cruise was banned Burn has no real way to recharge it’s batteries if the opponent survives the initial onslaught.  Burn’s meta share has been in a slow decline since.

Burn will be casting Reveler for 2 mana most of the time.  Reveler provides a relevant late game threat and a card draw engine.  Draw two Revelers?  Fine, as mentioned above the first is as easy to cast as the second.

At the time of this writing Reveler’s pre order price is almost 5 bucks, so he’s not exactly a sleeper.  Still, I don’t see him losing value until he rotates out and perhaps not even then.


Pauper Burn and will be testing this card and it may actually find a home in the 75.  Play this card on Keldon Marauders when it’s being blocked or even on one’s upkeep.  When Marauder’s last Vanishing counter is removed and it’s put in the graveyard, one gets 3/2 token.  In pauper Burn Otherworldly Outburst just reads pay 1 Red mana for a 3/2 token.  Sweet value.


Prophetic Ravings is really more of a Limited hero.  If I pull this at Pre-Release. I will be in Red, even if I have to splash.  Mad Prophet   has won me more games of Limited Shadows over Innistrad than I care to admit.


Pauper Burn and maybe even Modern Burn will take a look-see at Thermo-Alchemist. In Burn decks Alchemist essentially reads, “Play two mana:  Deal one point of damage to every opponent every turn; every direct damage spell deals one extra point of damage to each opponent.”

Yes, it would be nice if it was each opponent or a target creature.  That may be broken though.  Alchemist is a reverse and perhaps strictly better Izzet Staticaster.



Collective Effort’s Escalate cost is basically Convoke.  It’s begging to be played in any token based strategy in Standard or Modern.  Standard Human strategies may also have a place for it since it’s in many ways a more ultilitarian, if not strictly better, Always Watching.


If any card in Spooky Moon could be broken is Sigard’s Aid.  It’s also the only card so far that’s better in Legacy, than Modern or Standard.

It’s Stoneforge Mystic and access to all the best (spelled broken) equipment that makes Legacy Sigarda Aid’s home.  Stoneforge fetches the equipment with her ETB trigger.  Then her ability enables said equipment to be played at instant speed for only two mana. Sigarda’s Aid only requires that equipment “enter the battlefield.” Therefore it doesn’t matter if the equipment was hard cast or cheated in by Stoneforge; the equipment can still be attached at instant speed.

There’s a permanent home for Sigarda’s Aid in any deck that plays Stoneforge Mystic.

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Limited is all about creature evaluation.  Nothing is more indicative of value than a creatures that also replaces itself when it dies, a 2/3 Flyer for two mana, or a creature that doubles as a combat trick.  In many draft packs these will be the best creatures.

Below is the sum total of the rest of what Spooky Moon has to offer.  They should be nuked from orbit.

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Thanks for reading and remember; I misplay so you don’t have to.

You can contact Duke at  Comments appreciated; complainers will be taunted and trolled until my keyboard runs red with the blood of my battered finger tips.

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