There are no teachers here in Legacy Weapon, just slightly more talkative students. Drew is on a Holiday Sabbatical, so we have replaced him.  Lazy, lazy Drew.  Special guest Andrew “Visla” Rudiger is here to get us back to our proper Andrew to Jamie ratio. In preparation for GRAND PRIX LOUISVILLE! we have them here to talk competitive rules enforcement, how to play a tight game, how to deal with judges, and general GP advice. Get ready to get prepared, it’s another episode of Legacy Weapon!

  • Drew will be back, we promise.
  • What, you all like this Andrew better? hmmmmmmm…. we will look into it.
  • Judges. Judges Everywhere.
  • Steps and Phases and Priorities, oh my!
  • Rules Lawyering, Angle Shooting, and clear communication.
  • Seriously, don’t use the word “ok” unless you want to have a bad time.
  • Check your deck lists!
  • Bring Food!
  • Bring a sideboarding cheat sheet.
  • Bring more food, but this food give to Jamie.
  • Grand Prix? Grand Prix! Have fun and come find us in Louisville!

Extra Credit Reading:

  • If you are at the Grand Prix, come say hi!  Easiest way to contact us is probably Jamie’s Twitter: @jamie7keller.
  • Go check our Andrew’s podcast, Magic: The Parenting!
  • Go check out the LEGACY GRAND PRIX (we are excited).  Check out the articles that the host, Star City Games, has up!
  • This Deck is on FIRE.  No really, Jamie loves this deck and thinks it may be poised as one of the best decks in Legacy.
  • The free, weekly, prize supported MTGO Legacy League is building steam and is sponsored by the great folks over at Card Hoarders!  Go say Hi and tell them Legacy Weapon sent you!
  • A new small, but growing mtg online community…not Legacy focused but still a friend of the show.
  • A content website covering MTG, and also Hearthstone that we are very proud to be a part of.
  • The BEST place to go for magic podcasts, new, old, big and small.  The place we started and are happy to be a part of.

Andrew tweets! Find them at @nostrangenames.

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