This weekend, SCG heads to Sommerset, NJ for both the Season Two Invitational and the first Open of Season Three.

Invitational coverage starts on Friday at 12am with four rounds of Modern followed by four rounds of Standard. Players with 15+ points or tied with 96th will advance to Day 2 for more Modern and more Standard starting at 9am. The Top 8 at the end of Saturday will move on to Sunday at be back at 10am for best of five Modern matches.

Also this weekend is the first Open of Season Three. The format will be Modern and the event will start at 10am with nine rounds for the day. Players with 21+ points or those tied with 64th place will come back Sunday at 10am for six more rounds of Modern before a cut to Top 8. It is not likely anything but the Top 8 will be on video coverage unless the Invitational wraps up early.

Since the Open is Modern, there are Standard and Legacy Classics starting at 9a and 930a respectively on Sunday.

Also going on this weekend are the first round of RPTQS for Pro Tour Kaladesh. These events are Standard format.

  • In the US, they are happening in:
    • San Diego, California
    • Littleton, Colorado
    • Roswell, Georgia
    • Indianapolis, Indiana
    • Burnsville, Minnesota
    • Lincoln, Nebraska
    • Monroeville, Pennsylvania
    • Plano, Texas
    • Portsmouth, Virginia
  • In Canada, locations are
    • Edmonton, Alberta
    • Oshawa, Ontario

Beyond that, there are a whole host of PPTQs and IQs as well as Community Events that would love to have you. So go find an event this weekend and play some Magic!

See you all next time!

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