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Welcome to part two of my world, which I now have the name for. This continent is the continent of Vecktil, the imaginary man who arrived and settled in the continent. The name Market on a desert land was a place in the world of Critical Role, created by Matthew Mercer in his homebrew world. And though I did not intentionally use this name and land I have no doubt I subconsciously did, and therefore, will not use it as that is his own special land in his world and I have the feeling he and I are going different routes for the world. Anyways, there is a story to tell, and that story is the brief history of the continent as it’s settled and explored history is going to be much less of the other parts of the world (to be brought to attention when I eventually build the other 5 land masses of the world).

The continent of Vecktil, named after the Elven man Aelar Vecktil, who was the first to land on and stay to explore the continent 800 years ago. The continent was harsh and untamed, the

Home brew, hopefully good.
Home brew, hopefully good.

predators of the desert land had already made their own lairs and put themselves at the top of the food chain. After a century of fighting them, he had finally pushed enough monsters underground to start building establishments for cities. After another hundred years, he started for the land known as “The Great Mist,” the land always covered in mist that no magical means could pierce through. His fate is still a mystery of great intrigue, as is that of every poor soul to follow him. Over the next couple centuries, the cities were built and the monsters were pushed back, and everything was running fine, until the great civil war. It erupted into a power feud between two equally terrible brothers, Boyr and Fodel Wrathsmur, 2 humans who wanted to run the whole continent. Boyr ruled Tarjeckt and Fodel ruled Varket (which at the time was located in the area now called The Ruined Citadel) and both wanted the whole continent under their fist. The war lasted 30 years and ended when both brothers died, still unknown who eliminated them, but the effects were lasting. Tarjeckt and Varket are now separate cities and Varket has isolated itself in the mountains to the North, believing that their isolation will keep them safe from the influence of the outside world. For the past 500 years, the only real threat has been minor bandit raids and the occasional monster problem, until this past winter festival ended. This is the start of the new year, and this is where the story of where our adventures begins.

Now the history of this continent is brief as most of it was actually spent building and maintaining cities, the gathering and development of resources, the distribution plans for resources, ext. Things that are necessary to survival, but not important enough to make the history books, but there are several things still important for the world to be known. Factions, governments, and religions. I have most of the factions settled, and will explore them in this article, and am still working on governments. For pantheons of gods, I am using the ones in the back of the D&D 5e players handbook, though I will be excluding the Norse, Irish, & Greek pantheons. I might exclude others, but that is just my personal choice for the way I see this world working. And I will also explore the first government I have set up in Tarjeckt a bit farther down after factions, which will be possibly more important than anything else in the world depending on where my players decide to go and how they act.

The Watchers: A shadowy organization built to monitor the cities of the continent. They have access to any city & are present in most of them, even if it’s just a single member. They get access to almost any resource a city has to offer, and those they don’t they can get approval for from the other cities of the continent to overrule anyone (as long as every other cities leaders agree). They serve as the closest thing to the public keeping the government’s honest.

The Keepers: (this was actually designed by one of my players and their incorporated idea into the world.) This organization gathers information for the public; information on history, monsters, survival knowledge of what to do in the desert land they live in, ext. They are also trained combatants as part of their job is going out and watching monsters. And secretly they also gather important information and artifacts best not known to the public. They have public sects in Tarjeckt, Waterlock, and the outpost. They have their main headquarters hidden in the Ruined Citadel.

Thieves Guild: Fingers in everywhere but Varkect, even the Untamed Mountains (added to updated map which will be shown at the end of the article), except Varket. It’s also one of the few organizations that deal with the other continents of the world, outside of political meetings and resource trades. Also called “The Mistaken Invitation” as the founder always said a story about how he thought the invitation into a man’s home meant to come in and take everything. The founder had a terrible sense of humor.

The other organizations I have are actually borrowed. I intend to use the Bloodhunter Class designed by Matthew Mercer in my world and to see that you will need to go the Dungeon Masters Guild on the D&D website. The same with Vampire factions of Justicar, Vampire Hunter, and the Sisterhood. Also found on the website and designed by Jessica Deuel. I want to use these because Bloodhunters are essentially Geralt of Rivia, and that would be a great fit into this world. And I knew going in I wanted Vampires to be a big part of this world, if not the main villain, and Jessica’s pdf was not only a very well written class, but it also contained an extremely great group of backgrounds that I have turned into major factions of this world as they were exactly what I was wanting in my world. I will also have factions related to Giants, I’m just not sure how yet, and as it is unlikely my group will be going into the Untamed Mountains starting into the campaign I have not put that at the front of my designing and will be doing that probably after the campaign has started. The same with the Tribal Islands, and as for Dragons mount, it’s pretty obvious. It houses dragons, no secret twist, just a place players won’t want to go.

Now for developed governments. Tarjeckt is a government run by the elders, a member of each race inside the city resides on a council, and I did roll for this on the random government table, which you can find in the D&D Dungeons Masters handbook, which you can find online on the WOTC website or at your local game store. The government of Varket is quite odd, it is a government ruled by a council of Ghost, entities that are neither good nor evil. Entities that can’t be corrupted by the urge for power, money, or fear. Now I’m still settling how that’s going to work, but it will certainly be interesting for my players to find out, and it might end up I change that if I can’t think of a way to make it work.

Well, there it is, at least so far. There is still a lot to develop in the world, and it will take me some time. And with all the online resources available, and the resources that Wizards of the Coast provided for their customers (Dungeon Masters Guide, Players Handbook as well, the Dungeon Masters Guild, online tutorials people have put up, etc.) have assisted me when I manage to find time to work on this little project. Hopefully, your enjoying my ramblings, awkward writing, and (hopefully) interesting world. As always, have a great day and I’ll see y’all next time.


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