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Sempre 15 and 30 for More Effective Cold Glue Application

In adhesive and glue application, there are two popular choices. There are industries that use hot melt adhesive, but there are also industries that use the cold glue. Both of them have different application. In the aspect of safety, cold glue is considered safer to use because it does not involve high temperature to melt the granular form of adhesive before it is ready for application. As for the cold glue application, now Robatech introduces great technology called Sempre 15 and Sempre 30. Sempre is actually abbreviation of Speed, Electro, Mini, and Precise. From the abbreviation of Sempre, it can be seen that the technology of cold glue application is designed to improve the productivity of industry.

High Speed and Precision

Speed and precision become important element of Sempre 15 and 30. These are also something needed by the industry when it wants to boost its performance. In this aspect, sempre 15 and 30 has great speed in the application of cold glue. It has great design of nozzle that can work quickly in releasing the glue on the designated surface. It is equipped with the cut-off system so it can bring great precision in high speed. By doing so, the nozzle can put the glue precisely and it can move to other spot quickly without any clogging problem. There is also integrated stroke adjustment that will enhance its speed and precision in the glue application. Things look complicated but it is easy to program. Basically, operator only needs to set up the device and later it will work well.

Durability of Sempre 15 and 30

Then, the technology has great durability. It uses stainless steel as the material. Although it does not involve high temperature, strong material is necessary to make sure that it will always be in good condition and be ready for all operations. Its design is also made in high precision with vertical adhesive delivery that will provide more effective delivery of glue without delays. As for its maintenance, it is easy to do and it does not require extra effort to clean the nozzle. Even, Robatech provides continuous spare parts for longer service life.