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Some Dust Control Tips to Prevent the Dust to Spread and Pollute Environment

Dust and particle airborne will appear in the area of construction sites. This can be considered as the side effect that can appear from the construction process. However, the dusts cannot be taken lightly. These will be quite dangerous since it can affect the breathing system. Even, when these spread to the surrounding area, it will cause some problems and complaints. Of course, construction industries do not want it to happen and that is why dust control is necessary. In this case, there are some simple yet effective tips to control the dust and particle airborne so it will not harm other people and environment.

Creating the Barrier

One of the tips is to make a barrier. Physical barrier, such as fences and even walls, can be applied to prevent the dust and airborne particles to spread and pollute the area around the construction sites. The barriers are applied to control the dust so it will be centered and gathered only around the site, and it will not affect the outside. It also becomes useful to prevent the wind to blow the particles. Of course, this is one of the tips that can be used, and it is not necessary to have permanent barriers or walls since it will be removed once the construction is done.

Using Dust Control Technology

Using the barrier is effective. However, it is only good to prevent the dust to spread and pollute the environment outside the construction sites. It means that the dusts are still in the area of construction and the problem still exists. It should be controlled, and dust control technology is the solution. MobyDick provides the necessary technology. The dust control system from MobyDick can gather the dust and airborne particles effectively so it will create less harm on the site. It uses the water droplet system to handle the dusts. Then, the technology can be considered as portable, so it is more convenient to use.